Children's Viking Museum

The programme is likely to change due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. Our play stations will remain open but will likely have less staff manning them. 

There are many exciting experiences at Foteviken Viking Museum for the children and the rest of the family.

Everything can be experiences with your parents or grandparents. With the annual membership card you receive benefits like free ice cream for the children and special prices on some Viking items in the entrance shop, and coffee for 5:- for the adults.

The Viking Club Bluetooth*

The Viking Club bluetooth for children (6-13 years). With the family card you will get invitations to exciting activities throughout the year. As an example: treasure hunts, crafts pottering, storytime in Tinghöll and much more.

All other kids are also welcome as guest participants!

This is in collaboration between Fotevikens Museum and SkĂĄnes Hantverksinstitut.
*After our famous Viking King Harald Bluetooth.

The playground

New for 2017, a playground is constructed outside the Viking town that will be inaugurated on the International Viking day on May 8th. The playground will have Viking ships, balance acts, stilts, play houses and daily activities like games and competitions.

Viking school

Between 14.00 and 15.00 in the afternoon will be a daily Viking school, where you may learn the secrets of the Vikings, how to handle swords, spears and shields, forming shield walls and more.

Children birthday parties

At our restaurant in the entrance shop you may book an event with a real Viking party for your child, with grilling, games, competitions and more.

Price: 275 SEK per child (minimum of 15)
Time: Roughly 2 hours
N.B. Good shoes and clothes recommended since many of the activities take place outdoors.

If you are interested you may contact us by phone at +46 40 330 806 or by email at

Annual membership card

We are offering an annual membership card for the whole family (2 adults and up to 4 children), as well as an individual membership card for a single person.

The card allows free entry into the Viking museum all year around, including the Viking Market, Children's Week etc. You will also get priority when booking our popular Ghost Walk. The family card includes free ice cream for the children. Adult can buy coffee for only 5:-. You will also be offered special discount prices on objects in our shop, like wooden swords and axes, bows and shields.

We reserve the right to make changes to the offerings.