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The Viking club Bluetooth

Become a Viking for a day!

First you will try out the exercises that Viking children started out with, i.e. speed, agility, strength, cunning and balance. This provided them useful skills for their coming lives as Vikings, being able to handle everything important such as ships, tools and weapons.

The next task will be to visit all the buildings and learn about life in the Viking town and the various activities taking place there.

When this is all done you are a Viking. Welcome among the rest of us Vikings.

Click on the image to download a pdf of the competition folder.

The goal for you is to increase your knowledge of the Viking Age and to rise in the ranks from thrall to Viking.

Detta är ett samarbete mellan Fotevikens museum, Skånes Hantverksinstitut och Medborgarskolan.

Vi reserverar oss för ändringar i upplägg och program.

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