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Spring 2018


February 21

Handcraft with SkĂĄnes Hantverks Institut in association with Foteviken Museum.

Welcome to join us and try different kinds of historical handcrafts.
Pre-registration required.

Contact person Christine palmblad
Phone. 0703-432 651
Open: 10.00-14.00

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April 30th

Walpurgis Night and Open House at Fotevikens Museum

This year we will celebrate Walpurgis with an Open House at the Museum of Foteviken! We celebrate each season with a festive event where Walpurgis will be the first. We want to celebrate the arrival of spring and therefore invite all of you to celebrate with us. Come to the Viking town and celebrate that spring is here, talk to Vikings, wander around and look at the houses. Why not take the opportunity to eat really good Viking food that will be on sale in the Viking town's Bakery!

16 o'clock we light a Walpurgis bonfire at Hola Stones while we read a poem to welcome the spring.

Opening hours:

Museum: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
Museum Shop: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Free entrance

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May 8th

International Viking Day

Some years ago, the international organization Destination Viking Association proclaimed May 8 as the international Viking days. On Foteviken Museum we ofcourse celebrates this day!

At 12.30 we gather at the rune stone just outside the gate of the Viking town. Speech and inauguration will be held for visitors and school groups. 

By tradition one of the old Viking sagas will be read at Tinghöll. The same saga will be read, in Viking Museums, in Viking groups, by young and old all over the world at the same hour of day.

Read this year's story here.

Admission: 10-16 
Speaking at the Runestone: 12:30 
Saga Ting Held: 14.00 
Regular admission price

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Summer 2018


June 6th

The National Day & The Battle of Foteviken

Celebrate the National Day with the Vikings at Fotevikens Museum.
On the National Day the village will be open with activities for the whole family! 
Historical games are activities that are fun for both big and small, these challenge balance, precision and strength.
During the day viking craftsmen will have their craft products for sales.
Do not miss the celebration of the National Day at Fotevikens Museum!
Time: 10:00 to 16:00
Regular admission fee
Fotevikens Museums summer bonfire!

Every season is celebrated with a bonfire and poetry reading at Fotevikens Museum. We light the summer bonfire at Hola Stones  to greet the summer welcome.

Time: 15.00
>Free entrance

The Battle of Foteviken year 1134

Our Scanian King, Erik Emune, defended SkĂĄne at the battle of Foteviken year 1134. The attackers were Erik's uncle King Niels and his son Prince Magnus. They had sailed over Eyrasundet with its large fleet and landed just south of Foteviken. Heavily armed warriors waded ashore where they were met by Erik and his retinue.With the help of Archbishop Ascer of Lund with his Hird and about 400 hired German riders they drove the enemy on the run.

This Scanian victory is something we in the Viking town really want to celebrate!
At 11:34 we gather at the rune stone erected 21 years ago as a memory of the battle. After a speech and tribute to the fallen warriors we drench the stone with mead according to the ancient tradition. Some Viking warriors will perform a fighting show which symbolically recreates the battle of fotevik - though much smaller scale! 
At every hour, starting at 12.00, the Battle of Foteviken will be told in Tinghöll. Once you have heard the exciting story of the battle of fotevik you follow the warriors from Tinghöll to see battle again.

Admission: 10:00 to 16:00 
The story of the battle and the fighting: every hour starting at 12.00 
The ceremony starts: 11:34 
Regular admission price

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June 25 - 28

Craftmanship Days at Fotevikens Museum

Craftmanship Days, which takes place the same week as the Viking market has proven to be a successful concept.Vikings arriving at the Museum of Foteviken early. Vikings uses the city as a meeting place to exchange experiences and show each other their techniques.

Admission: 10:00 to 16:00
Regular admission price

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June 29 - July 1

Fotevikens Viking Market

This year's highlight at Foteviken Museum is, as usual, the annual Viking market. During these days about 500 Vikings from all over the world arrive to participate in the market. As a visitor to the market, you can stroll around the Viking town and surroundings, full of activities and market stalls. They sell everything from beautiful handmade jewelry to Viking swords. Why not take the opportunity to measure your strength against the Vikings by competing in pole tossing, tug of war, the Viking race or throwing with large cods?

One of the highlights of the market is the Battle of Fotevik we enact a number of times on Saturday and Sunday with the help of the visiting Viking warriors. The Battle of Foteviken took place on Monday 4th of June 1134 AD.

The Viking Games Open competition held last year was a huge success and therefore we will continue this exciting competition, open to both the Vikings and visitors! Entrants will get set up in five different events that put precision, balance and strength to the test! On Saturday we start with the first three rounds and continues with the final two competition rounds on Sunday. The competition will end with an awards ceremony for this year's winners!

May the Best Man, Woman, Viking win!

Opening hours:
29th June. 10:00 to 17:00
Admission: 10:00 to 16:00

30th June. 10:00 to 19:00,
Admission: 10:00 to 18:00

1st July 10:00 to 17:00,
Admission: 10:00 to 16:00

Adult: 140: -
Children: 50 -
Family: 280: -

Read more here!
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July 16th to 22nd

Childrens Week at Fotevikens Museum

This time of year we have dedicated a week for children! This week there will teem with activities for children and families. There will be historical games and various crafts that you can try.

Activities: 11-15 

Opening hours: 10-16

Regular admission price

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August 6th to 12th

Family Week at Foteviken Museum

Meet the vikings in Foteviken, watch how they lived, had fun and what they did on their farms during a normal day when Harald Bluetooth ruled.

You will meet the handcrafters in full action. For example the amber carver in the handcraftshed at the Lawman´s farm, the woodcarver at the Merchant Farm, watch leatherwork on the Tanning farm, meet the silversmith and coin maker Olov on the Lawman´s farm, listen to the storyteller in Lawman´s estate and meet the munk in the custom shed or watch the textil work at the weavers farm.
The program can be adjusted because of the fireban.

The hole day is full of activites, watch how the disobidient get put in the stock, how the winner of the powercompetition gets cored. The children of the family gets to learn how to use a sword and shield and become a part of the guardsquad on Foteviken and protect the guard when the citys silver will be gathered from the coin maker and taken to the tower.

Family Games Open

The familys challenge the vikings in the historical games.
Every half hour starts a new competition where the first, second and third is appointed as winner of that game.
Total score during the day, will appoint todays winners of Family Games Open. The day is ending with a tug of war between the familys and the vikings. After the tug of war todays winners will be annonced and the prices will be handed out.

The competitions of the day will be held at the Playarea by the Runestone.

10.30 The chicken
11.00 The horse
11.30 Spearthrowing
12.00 Pull the stick, the winner faces the next contestant
13.00 Caber toss
13.30 The rooster
14.00 Pull the leather
14.30 Sparke blaistre, the winner faces the next contestant
15.00 Go to Iceland
15.30 Ass hook
16.00 Tug of war

Opening hours: 10-16 (the museum is open until 17.00 for visitors that have entered before 16.00)

Ordinary entrance price

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August 26th

Archaeology Day at Fotevikens Museum

The Archaeology Day is an exciting day at Fotevikens Museum with inspiration and history for both young and old.

There will also be a guided tour in the Viking town, and activities for children with the Viking club Bluetooth.

Open hours: 10.00 - 16.00

Regular admission price

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Autumn 2018


September 8th to 9th

Viking life with historical crafts and Cultural Heritage days at Foteviken Museum!

Our Harvest Festival changes its name and focus to a Viking-based craft and cultural heritage event, sale of craft products, courses, food, Viking games, torch trains and a fall fire as the end of the season.

An activity program where the theme is craftsmanship will ensure life and activity both days, here are the courses that everyone can participate in. We call in craftsmen from north and south to participate. In place there are skilled crafts that participate in the museum mediation activities. They will become the course leader together with more external contracted course leaders. We do this in cooperation with Medborgarskolan.

Of course, you can also purchase these self-produced historical products that these skilled craftsmen produced.

Activities for the whole family

Aside from crafts there will be a number of activities where the whole family may participate, such as archery, games for children (even adult children), torch procession and bonfire.

Book the weekend, the Viking Town is open for you - join us in welcoming the autumn! The programme will be updated on this page.

Open hours: 10.00 - 16.00
Regular admission price.

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 Date to be determined

Autumn break - Handycraft with SkĂĄnes Hantverks Institut in association with  Foteviken Museum

Date: tba

Open: 10- 14

Pre-registration required.

More info coming soon

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November 1st

Ghost Walk at Fotevikens Museum

The Ghost Walk at Fotevikens Museum has been a success since the museum began to arrange it three years ago. Now it's finally tighten again to even a scary ride on the museum! We know that the mythological creatures have taken aim at our Viking town and the ghosts will again haunt us this horrific night, dare you come here?

This years ghost walk will take place November 1st at 18-20. Just as before, you will be sent out in groups with escorts who will take you safely through the city.When you book your ticket you will get an arrival time of payment of the ticket as well as the start time for the trek. The meeting point is in Foteviken Museum's entrance building, where there also will be simple refreshments for sale.

If you want to be sure to get a ticket so book early! Note also that the Ghost Walk is not appropriate for small children.

Send an email to entitled "Sign up to the ghost walk".

Entrance fee: 
Adults SEK 60 
Child SEK 50

Meeting place: Foteviken Museum's entrance building

The tour takes about 30 minutes and after the walk, there are simple refreshments for sale in the museum's entrance shop.

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