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30 April

Walpurgis night at Foteviken Viking Museum!

We wish to celebrate the arrival of the spring, and invite you all to celebrate Walpurgis night with us. Come to the Viking town and enjoy the spring that is hopefully here, chat with the Vikings, stroll around and check out the buildings in the town. 

At 16.00 we light a children- and family-friendly bonfire by the Hola Stones along with the recitation of a poem to welcome the spring. 

Guided tours of the town  11.00 and 13.00.

Open hours: 10.00 - 17.00

Entry hours: 10.00 - 16.00

Regular entry fee. 

8 May

The international Viking Day!

The International Viking Day is obviously something to celebrate at Foteviken Viking Museum. Opening speech at the rune stone takes place at 12.30. 

By tradition one of the old Viking sagas is told this day around the world: at museums and Viking groups, by the young and old, at the time time a well known Viking saga is read in English or the native language of the location. At our museum the sage is read at 14.00 in Tinghöll. 

Speech by the rune stone: 12.30

Saga in Tinghöll: 14.00

Open hours: 10-17

Entry hours: 10-16

Regular entry fee. 

6 June

Swedish National Day with the Battle of Foteviken

On the National Day the Foteviken Viking town will be open and host activities for the whole family. You can participate in historical games that are fun for the young and old alike. 

11.34 celebration speech by the rune stone. 

12.00 Storytelling in Tinghöll about the Battle of Foteviken that took place on the 4th of June, 1134 AD. 

14.00 Viking school for all children, at the playground. 

15.00 Gathering at Hola Stones to light the summer bonfire and greet the summer with a poem.

6 June - The battle of Foteviken, June 4th 1134 AD

This Scanian victory is something we wish to celebrate in the Viking town!

11.34 Gathering by the runestone that was erected 20 years ago in memory of the battle. After a speech and honoring of the fallen warriors, the stone will be soaked in mead according to tradition. 

Starting 12.00 the story of the battle will be told in Tinghöll, the longhouse in the Viking town.

14.00 Viking school activities for all children. Learn how to handle a sword, throw a spear, form a shield wall and try on a chainmail armor and helmet. 

Ceremony begins: 11.34

Saga in Tinghöll: 12.00

Viking school: 14.00

Bonfire is lit kl.15.00

Open hours: 10-17

Entry hours: 10-16

Regular entry fee.

24-27 June

The Viking week and pre-market

Activities for all ages, meet Vikings from across the world showing their crafts and selling their Viking Age replica goods. Vikings arriving early at Foteviken for the market will use the Viking town as a gathering spot for craftsmen. Here they will exchange knowlegde and teach various crafting techniques.

Open hours: 10-17

Entry hours: 10-16

Regular entry fee.

28 - 30 June

The Foteviken Viking Market

The highlight of the year is as usual the Foteviken Viking Market. During these days roughly 500 Vikings from across the world will participate. As a visitor you may stroll around the Viking town and surroundings which is filled by activities and market stands. Here you may find items ranging from beautiful handmade jewellery to Viking Age style swords. Why not take the opportunity to test your strength against the Vikings in competitions such as pole throwing, tug of war, the Viking race or codfish tossing?

One of the highlights of the market is the reenactment of the Battle of Foteviken, which takes place a number of times during the Saturday and Sunday, performed by visiting Viking warriors. The historic Battle of Foteviken took place on the 4th of June in the year 1134 AD. 

Viking Games Open 2019

According to tradition we arrange an exciting competition that is open for both Vikings and market visitors. Participants will compete in 5 different sports, putting their precision, balance and strength to the test. The first 3 competitions take place on Saturday, with the final two competitions on the sunday along with the victory ceremony. 

Open hours

Friday 28/6
Open hours: kl 10–17
Entry hours: 10–16

Saturday 29/6
Open hours: kl 10–19
Entry hours: 10–18

Sunday 30/6
Open hours: kl 10–17
Entry hours: 10–16

Entry fees 28 -30 June

Adult: 150 SEK
Children: 50 SEK
Family: 300 SEK

15-21 July

Childrens' Week at Foteviken Viking Museum

In our Viking town you will travel back in time to meet craftsmen, warriors and traders, wise men, skilled women and storytelling bards.

This week will be full of activities for all ages: Exciting Viking tales, historic games and various crafts you can watch, learn or try your hand at. Children may join the Harald Bluetooth Viking club. 

In the Harald Bluetooth Viking club you can partake in various games and training activities to become a good Viking. This involves archery and the Viking school where you may learn to handle a sword and form a shield wall. You may also visit the craftsmen in their houses. Maybe the blacksmith forging arrow heads, thw wood carver, pearl maker, tanner and tailor, the silver smith making coins. Or perhaps listen to the wisdom of the monk, or the wild tales of the bard? 

You may fetch the Harald Bluetooth activity pamphlet in the museum shop. When you have completed activities you are promoted from serf to Viking. For your performance you will receive a free ice cream in the shop this week. 

Activities: 11 -15

Open hours: 10-17

Entry hours: 10-16

Regular entry fee.

5-11 August

The Family week at Foteviken Viking Museum

This week will be filled with activities for the whole family. Meet the citizens of the Viking town, see how they live,d amused themselves and worked on their estates a normal day in the era of the Harald Bluetooth dynasty's reign. Daily we hold the Family Games Open contest, so gather up your family and compete in the historic Viking dames.  Exciting tales will be told in Tinghöll, and various crafts are shown and taught throughout the town.

Activities 10.30-16.

Open hours: 10-17

Entry hours: 10-16

Regular entry fee.

25 August

The Archaeology Day at Foteviken Viking Museum

During the Archaeology Day we will hold exciting activities at Foteviken Viking Museum, with inspiration and deep dives into the Viking history for young and old alike. We will also offer guided tours of the Viking town.

Open hours: 10-17

Entry hours: 10-16

Regular entry fee.

7-8 September

Viking Age harvest feast at the museum

Activities for all ages. Crafting and cultural heritage metings with a focus on the Viking Age. Selling of crafted products, the annual harvest, food, Viking Age games, torchlight procession and an autumn bonfire on the Saturday to end the season of 2019.

Children & family activities

Aside from crafting and selling, a number of activities for the whole family will be held, such as archery for everyone, and games for the children (including children at heart).

Open hours: 10-17

Entry hours: 10-16

Regular entry fee.

26 October

Ghost walk at Foteviking Viking Museum

We know that mythological creatures have found our Viking town, and restless spirits will again haunt us in this horrible evening. Do you dare come visit?

Like previous years you will be sent out in groups with a guide who will safely take you through the town. Gather by the museum entrance building. 

This year the ghost walk is arranged by the village community of the SVEG association. To make sure you secure a ticket, make your booking early!

N.B. The ghost walk is not suitable for younger children. 

More information will follow at


Send an e-mail with the title â€ťAnmälan till spökvandring” to

Ticket prices

Adults: 100 SEK
Children: 60 SEK

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