Earlier activities at Foteviken Museum

Spring 2014

Winter holiday fun at Foteviken Museum

Time to register for the Winter holiday fun at Foteviken Museum 19-20 February.

The day will be filled with fun activities in a genial environment for families with children. The day starts with meeting a viking who will guide you around the Viking Age town. Following that you will meet Christine from the Crafts Institute of Scania where you may either try to snarl a ball or decorate a snarled ball. At Vellinge Community Centre you may try out various historical games.

Something to eat will be sold in the community centre.

Welcome to Winter holiday fun at Foteviken Museum!

You can register by sending an email to museum@foteviken.se with the subject line Sportlovskul på Fotevikens Museum. Specify which day you wish to come and how many you are in the e-mail. Please note that there is limited spots available. Last day for registration is 14 February.

Suitable age: 7 -15 years old.

Date and time: 19 and 20 February,  10 AM - 1 PM

Cost: 60 SEK/person
Keep in mind that the guided tour is outdoors, bring warm clothes suited for the weather.

Walpurgis Night and Open House at Fotevikens Museum: 30 April


At Fotevikens Museum we are going to celebrate Walpurgis Night. Fotevikens Museum celebrates each season with a festive event and the 30th year! We are going to celebrate the arrival of the spring and we invite you all to celebrate with us. So come to the museum and enjoy that spring is here, talk to the Vikings and why not take the opportunity to eat really good Viking food that will be for sale at the Bakery in the Viking town. 

The Viking Town will have an Open House this day and in the late afternoon a big bonfire will be lit next to Hola stones as a poem to welcome the spring will be read. The bonfire will be lit at 4 PM. of April will be the first one for this

Open hours:
The museum : 1 PM  – 5 PM
The museum shop: 1 PM – 3 PM

No entrance fee.

The International Viking Day is celebrated at Fotevikens Museum: 8 May

At Foteviken Museum we obviously celebrate the International Viking Day. This year we will have an inauguration ceremony for the new exhibitions Viking life at Foteviken and Iron - From ore to finished knife to celebrate the day.

Open hours: 10 AM – 4 PM
Ordinary entrance fees apply.

Summer 2014

The Battle of Foteviken: 4 June

On the 4th of June in 1134 the battle of Foteviken took place, and the Scanian victory is something we in the Viking town want to celebrate!

On Wednesday the 4th of June at 11.34 AM we will gather by the rune stone that was erected 17 years ago in memory of the battle and the fallen warriors. After a speech and celebration of the fallen and the traditional suffusing of the stone with mead part of the Foteviken Hird will put on a fighting show that symbolically recreates the battle - though on a smaller scale! Following that we will walk in procession to the new exhibition at the Foteviken Culture Room, the new information location to understand the culture and nature of the Falsterbo peninsula. The room is located at the Vellinge community centre by the parking lot.

On site the artist Ronnie Holmberg will paint the Battle of Foteviken.

Welcome to Foteviken Museum to celebrate the Scanian victory!

Entry hours: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
The ceremony begins at: 11:34 AM

Ordinary entrance fees apply.

The handicraft days at Foteviken Museum: 24-26 June

The handicraft days taking place the same week as our Viking Market has proven to be a successful event. Vikings arriving at Foteviken Museum ahead of the market use the Viking Town as a gathering place for craftsmen to exchange experience and demonstrate techniques. Since the crafting activities take place in the town and the experimental archaeology site visitors may witness the various techniques.

Open hours: 10 AM – 4 PM
Ordinary entrances fees apply.

Foteviken Viking Market: 27-29 June

The highlight of the year is as usual the Viking Market at Foteviken Museum. During these days Vikings and visitors from across the world will participate at the market. You may stroll around in a Viking Town full of activities with many market stands selling everything from beutiful handmade jewelry to weapons. Why not take the opportunity to measure your strength against a Viking by participating in one of the games: tug of war, caber toss or codfish throwing?

A major event at the market is the viking fighter shows, reflecting the Battle of Foteviken that took place on the 4th of June in 1134 AD.

Open hours:
27/6 kl. 10 AM – 4 PM
28/6 kl. 10 AM – 6 PM
29/6 kl. 10 AM – 4 PM

Special entry fees apply during the market.

NOTE! We do not accept credit cards during the market!

Learn more about entry fees, programs, etc. at: http://www.fotevikensmuseum.se/d/en/aktiviteter/vikingamarknaden

Thursday, August 21 At 7 pm there is Picknic with SINGALONG! On Fotevikens Museum.

Singalong leader is artist Ronnie Holmberg.
Bring a blanket, picnic basket and your singing voice and we will get a cozy evening together. 

Craftland: Music festival at Foteviken Museum: 23 August

The theme of the year for the EU project Craftland is music. At Foteviken Museum a music festival will be arranged where groups play music from various time periods from a stage in the Viking Town.

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Let the games begin!

Viking Games at Fotevikens Museum: August 30th

We are at the end of the 900s, where Queen Thyra reigns over the land on both sides Eyrasundet (Öresund). In here quest to unite here people, she lets the Vikings face off against one another in a brotherly battle in the four races in Viking Games!
Last, in race two at Trelleborgen clan Foteviken won. Races Three are now taking place at Fotevikens Museum, do not miss this unique family adventure in the Vikings' sign! Try the games, cheer on your favorite Vikings (clan Foteviken), enjoy the spectacle and the historic environment. We also have a special "try" section for children.

For the second year in a row the Viking Feud takes place at Foteviken Museum. A nerve tingling competition between teams of Vikings from Foteviken Museum, The Trelleborg in Trelleborg and the Trelleborg in Fredrikssund. The competitions have historical inspiration and puts strength, precision and balance to the test. In other words a contest testing important traits for a Viking.

Read More on Viking Games web site!

Open hours: 10 AM – 4 PM
Ordinary entrance fees apply.

Autumn 2014

Harvest festival at Fotevikens Museum: 27 September

This year we introduce a harvest festival at Foteviken Museum to celebrate old traditions. The houses will be open in the Viking Town and vikings will showcase crafts. We hope this will become a recurring autumn tradition at Foteviken Museum as we wish to celebrate each season with a festival.

We want to take the opportunity to highlight all the fantastic local craftsmen in the nearby region. Thus we will hold a small market inside the Vellinge Community Centre were producers of locally grown organic products want to display themselves and sell their products. The restaurant keepers will sell food throughout the day allowing visitors to enjoy a good meal in a pleasant environment. What would a harvest festival be without local products and good food?
There will also be a tractor exhibition, all manner of sale and much much more. 

A more detailed program will be published soon.

Open hours: 10 AM – 4 PM

Ordinary entrance fees apply.

The Ghost Walk at Foteviken Museum: 30 October

The Ghost Walk at Foteviken Museum has been a success since the museum first arranged it three years ago. We know that mythological beings have been drawn to our Viking Town and restless spirits will yet again haunt us this horrible evening. Do you dare come to visit? You must register in advance to participate in the Ghost Walk,....

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Winter 2014

Feast of Fire: 13 December

The Feast of Fire at Foteviken Museum offers a really atmospheric day with a winter market, torchlight procession through the Viking Town and a big bonfire up by the Hola stones when King Björn holds a speech.

The torchlight procession starts at the Vellinge Community Centre at 2:30 PM and the bonfire will be lit at Hola stones at 3 PM.

Open hours: 12 AM – 4 PM

No entrance fee.