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The Viking Market at Foteviken

Regarding the Corona virus: The Viking Market in its usual form will be cancelled this year. The museum will still be open for Vikings and visitors and a more informal market will be held in a limited format since our Viking participants from abroad most likely will be unable to visit. Regular museum entrance fees will apply during the market instead.

Welcome to the Viking Week and Foteviken Viking Market 2020!

During the Viking Age there was a great summer market held at Foteviken which, according to the Faroese saga was the largest in Scandinavia. Our modern-day Viking market still attracts many Vikings. You are all cordially invited to this year's market! 

Due to the Corona virus epidemic this year will not feature any expanded market activities or a market programme with games, competitions and shows, nor will any Viking Games Open competition be held.

Foteviken Viking Market starts traditionally with a pre-market on Thursday 25 June. The full market is held on Friday until Sunday.

Crafting Days (June 22 - 25)

Normally during craft days, you can take part in many exciting activities. Wrought iron, brick ribbon weaving, dying, Viking cooking, wood carving etc. are some of the crafts usually demonstrated in place. This year it is unsure which crafts can be practiced and demonstrated. Most likely only Swedish craftsmen will be able to participate. 

The Battle of Foteviken

There will be no reenactment performed of the battle this year. You may still be able to run into some Viking warriors willing to demonstrate their equipment or put on a fight. 

Viking Games Open

This year there will be no Viking Games Open competition held, though you might still run into the odd Viking looking to test themselves. 

Admission prices for visitors during the Viking Market (June 26 - 28)

Since the market is not held in its usual form due to the Corona virus epidemic regular museum entry fees will apply the whole week instead. You are still welcome to visit and enjoy our Viking Age environments and buildings and perhaps encounter a few Vikings. 

You can purchase a membership card that gives you free entrance to the museum all year around including the Viking Market! There are two sorts of membership cards:
The personal card is of course personal and can only be used by the card holder.
The family card gives entrance for up to 2 adults and 4 children.  

Personal Card 300 SEK
Family Card 500 SEK

Foteviken Viking Market Programme 2020

There will be no fixed programme for the market this year. We still look forward to seeing you visit.


Thursday, June 25

10:00 The market opens for the public.

16:00 Entrance and museum shop closes.

17:00 Viking market closes for the public.

Viking market

Friday, June 26

10:00 The market opens for the public. 

16:00 Entrance and museum shop closes.

17:00 Viking market closes for the public.

Saturday, June 27

10:00 The market opens for the public.

18:00 Entrance and museum shop closes.

19:00 Viking market closes for the public.

Sunday, June 28

10:00 The market opens for the public.

16:00 Entrance and museum shop closes.

17:00 Viking market closes for the public.

Please note! We reserve the right to make changes to the market programme as the situation develops. 

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