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Activities for schools

Welcome to book a visit to the Viking Town. The season for school activities is mainly April - May and September - October since activities take place mostly outdoors.

It is guaranteed to be an exciting visit in a recreated environment from long ago. The Viking Town of Foteviken is the worlds first attempt to show what a town environment from late Viking Age / Early Middle Age may have looked like.

The settlement, reconstructed from modern research, creates unique possibilities to experience how such a community looked like and worked some nine hundred years ago.  The 12th century is a very exciting time, a period of transition between old and new.

The Viking Town of Foteviken is built on the site where a great battle took place in 1134, but also a site that was consecrated to the pagan gods before 970 AD.

We have three options to offer for school activities:

If you wish overnight stay during your visit at the museum, click here!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at +46 (0)40 330800, direct +46 (0)40 330807.

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