The visit in the Viking town lasts for roughly 1½ hours, it is time to step into history. A Viking from the town will meet the group and bring you on an exciting tour both inside and outside the town wall. Your Viking guide will describe Viking Age phenomena like religion, crafts, house construction and everyday occurrences within the town. The guided tour ends in our grand feast hall Tinghöll with a mythological story.

The visit ends with the pupils doing a Viking quiz. The pupils will move around in small groups to answer questions based on the guided tour.

The visit becomes like a trip through time where the Viking town, with many Viking Age buildings, provides a historical atmosphere that brings the Viking Age to life, making the visit a stimulating part of history education.

If you wish overnight stay during your visit at the museum, click here!

Important to know

Since the activity is outdoors make sure everyone is suitably dressed depending on the weather. To avoid disturbing the experience of subsequent groups the class may only remain inside the museum area during the 1 ½ hour of the activity. There are tables and benches outside the museum entrance shop by the sea where you may eat your own brought food. 


Miniviking costs 2950 SEK per class of max 25 pupils, and an additional 90 SEK per each extra pupil above that up to a maximum of 35 pupils per class.

We can receive at most 2 classes per occasion.

Boka miniviking