The Viking Fighter

The activity lasts from 13:00 to 15:30. Your visit begins with a brief introduction before the travel back in time begins. You will accompany a Viking from the town on an exciting tour within and around the Viking town. The Viking will describe Viking Age phenomena like religion, crafts, house construction and everyday events within the town. The guided tour ends with a mythological story told in the large feast hall Tinghöll.

After the guided tour it is time for historical games; a much appreciated activity. Pupils and teachers will have their strength, balance and precision tested. Important traits for any Viking fighter!

The visit is a trip through time where you wander around the Viking town, which with its numerous buildings bring the Viking Age alive in a way that is sure to make the visit a stimulating part of history education.

Important to know

Lunch is not included in the visit, make sure you have eaten before the programme starts. As the activity is outdoors make sure everyone is dresses appropriately for the weather. Comfortable clothing is recommended.


The Viking Fighter costs 4650 SEK per class of max 25 pupils, and 160 SEK per pupil above that upto a maximum of 35 pupils per occasion.

Boka Vikingakämpen