The Battle of Foteviken

June 8th to June 9th 2001

During the weekend of June 8th-9th 134 Viking warriors from Northern Europe congregated in The Viking Reserve of Foteviken at a training camp. This training camp was arranged for the sixth time according to tradition and in memory of the great Battle of Foteviken that took place on shore near The Museum of Foteviken, on June 4th 1134.

King Niels of Denmark and his son prince Magnus landed with their troops and met their enemy, prince Eric Emune (The Memorable) and his army of Scanian Viking warriors and cavalry. Eric was victorious and Magnus fell together with five Danish bishops during the battle and king Niels fled for his life.

According to tradition, a re-enactment of Battle of Foteviken in 1134 was arranged during the weekend 8th-9th of June 2001. King Niels was humiliated and had to flee once again after being defeated on shore.

 The weather during this training camp was fine and many good show fights were preformed during these two days, when the Viking warriors were gathered. We at Foteviken want to thank every participant for your contribution and performance, your friendliness and good fellowship during this weekend. The International Viking Society is a strong cultural and creative force in our modern society.

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