The year of 2003

To all our Viking friends around the world

The year of 2003 has been fantastic. New houses have been built, a lot of Vikings have stayed in the Viking Reserve and the weather has been fine during the entire season. A lot of fascinating events have taken place, not only the traditional Viking market, although it was the highlight of the summer. From early May to late September, a lot of different Vikings and Viking groups have visited and stayed in the Viking Reserve. Young and old Vikings, new and experienced Vikings have enjoyed the summer and congregated at Foteviken. This is the primary idea of the Viking Reserve and the Viking rules. It is a place for Vikings to come, stay and congregate at. You can assist the villagers with the building of new houses; work with your own handicraft or sell some good merchandise or other pieces of fine craftsmanship.

About 400 Vikings participated in the annual Viking market. This was not as many as usual, but on the other hand; much more tourists and visitors came. There were so much people; it was quite difficult for King Björn to ride on his horse, among all the visitors. The quality of the market was very high indeed, even if some non-Viking age products were discovered. However, King Björn had a lot of fun and he and all his Vikings were happy about not having to remind people about following the rules and laws of Foteviken. Everybody enjoyed the market. This is the way we want it to be, also in the future. We hope that you will continue to come and participate in the market, keeping the spirits and the quality high. Again, thank you all for your fine achievements and contributions.