Craftland Music Festival

August 23rd, The Craftland

Music Festival
at Foteviken Viking Museum 

Theme for this years EU project Craftland is music. Fotevikens Museum along with Vellinge Municipality organizes a big music festival where groups from Lithuania, Poland and Sweden plays music from medieval times to jazz and pop.
The festival begins with Vellinge Music Corps marching from the Library in Höllviken to Foteviken, then it will be full steam all day.
Hosted by artist Ronnie Holmberg.

10.50 - 18.00. FREE ADMISSION!

10.50 Vellinge Music Corps
11.00 Grupa Radnyna (Poland)
11.40 Bellman, Winblad & Movitz
12.20 Grupé Karčema (Lithuania)
13.00 Alligator Gumbo
13.40 Taube Choir in Scania
14.20 JazzCaptains
16.00 The Ukulele Orchestra Of Sweden
16.40 Choir singing with everyone on stage
NOTE! the timetable is preliminary.

Ronnie Holmberg

Vellinge Music Corps

Taube Chor in Skania

"Taube Choir in Scania" sings songs of our Swedens most beloved national poet, Evert Taube, the poet who invented the Swedish summer. Yes, maybe there was a summer in the past but it was Evert who described it so vividly for us. Taube choir is in its twentieth year and usually consist of about 40 singers as they make their warmly appreciated and acclaimed performances. Jan Ek is choir director since 2010, the choir was previously led by Magnus Jonsson, a virtuoso on the accordion / concertina, who has also written several of the choir arrangements.
Magnus and The Taube Band accompanies the choir on 23 August and "the sea was never so shimmering" at Foteviken as when the Taube Choir in Scania is to interpret our beloved Evert Taube.

Alligator Gumbo - unpolished traditional and self written cajun music from the heart!

Alligator Gumbo is a band from southern Sweden that, due to the members' love for the music of southern Louisiana, interprets and plays traditional and self-written Cajun music in a way that is true to tradition. The vocals are unrestrained and emotional and sung in Louisiana French, the particular French dialect developed in Louisiana.

The great enthusiasm of the organizers and the audience has not only spread in the north, both Alligator Gumbos albums Simmerin' (2014) & Lacassine Special (2012) has won first and second runner up position in ”Le Prix D'Hors de Nous 2014” by The French Cajun Music Association, Lafayette LA. The prize is awarded annually to the best cajun music recorded by a cajun band outside Louisiana.

Johan Larsson, vocals, guitar & triangle
Thor Ahlgren, vocals, accordion & bagpipes
Fred Sörensson, Fiddle
Leif Eriksson, Guitar
Dan Eklund, Double bass

Bellman, Winblad & Movitz

The Swedish national poet C.M. Bellman's epistles and songs performed by the group "Bellman, Winblad & Movitz" in authentic clothing with guitar, flute and violin accompaniment. Jan Ek, Petra Kvist and Percy Malmqvist is three professional musicians with a diverse musical background, together, they have experience of everything from folk and art music to the 60's rock music. Jan Ek not only sings but is Bellman (1740-1795) on the stage and he will gladly tell you anecdotes from his time between songs. "BWM" has previously performed Bellman's music and lyrics in both Lithuania and Poland in this EU project, which now has its finale at Foteviken Museum in Sweden.

Grupa Radnyna - Early music ensemble

Since formed in 2006, the group of four musicians started their journey through medieval and renaissance notes and developed  their own style of performing such music. With the instrumentarium consisting of flute, rebek, oud lute and djembe drum, they play pieces both by the most famous early composers and anonyms, but with a bit of modern touch.  Grupa Radnyna has already visited numerous polish cities, but has also played on Kaup Viking Festival in Zelenogradsk, Russia.
Grupa Radnyna is part of a large association of reconstruction groups called Grupa Truso. They closely collaborate with it by taking part in most of events organized by this society.  Grupa Radnyna not only performs music, but also takes part in daily routines during reconstruction events, trying to  educate people in every possible way.
The music played by Grupa Radnyna is a mix of either profane and sacrum melodies, but mostly they perform pieces referred as  “dances”.  Among their set list one can find music by Neidhart von Reuental, Walther von der Vogelweide and many traditional anonymous songs. Most of them is entirely instrumental, but there are also few songs including vocals.
In march 2012 the Band finished recording their first album. All the work is still in progress and the release is expected to be published later this year.
Many years of travelling, playing and performing  gave the Band a huge amount of experience and helped them to more truly  recreate the soul of what was being played many years ago. Grupa Radnyna strengthened the cooperation with Faktoria in Pruszcz GdaĹ„ski, highlighting the attractiveness of this place.

Grupa Radnyna are:
Anna Weyna – Flute (currently uninvolved)
Anna Gadzinska - Flute
Marta Kalinowska - Rebek, Violins, Vocal
Grzegorz Haasa - Djembe Drum
Andrzej Lebek - Oud Lute, Vocal

Grupé Karčema (Lithuania)

Grupa Karcema was founded in 1996 at Silutes Z. Ci. school. The first members of the group were students at the school. Later the group was joined by more well-known musicians from Silutes.
In addition to their own songs, the band plays well-known Lithuanian popular songs and classics.
Currently the group consists of five members.

Vygantas Stoškus - accordion and vocal, he is also the leader of the band
Dovydas Stoškus - drums
Rytis Kostiuška - reed-pipe and vocal
Dovydas MaĹľonas - bass guitar
RĹ«ta Ĺ erpytytÄ— - violin


The band consists of a collection of seasoned men who played together in different constellations the past 50 years.
The music derived from the 20/30's and can be called happy jazz or swing with many well-known songs, written by the ancient Masters eg Irving Berlin and the Gershwin brothers.
JazzCaptains play (as it should) regularly at KaptensgĂĄrden in Falsterbo

Björn Franzen - base
Tomas Jonasson - tenor saxophone
Nisse MĂĄnsson - drums
Bob Stalin - piano 
Leif Blunck - trumpet

The Ukulele Orchestra Of Sweden

Members: Anders Noren, percussion. Erik Nordström, bass & vocals. Ove Sjölander, ukke, vocals and percussion. Lennart Malmström, ukulele & vocals. Anders Agvard ukulele & vocals. Benny Wahlgren ukulele & vocals.

Hometown: Höllviken, Södra Sandby , Genarp, Tomellilla och Svedala