EFC Höllvksstrand

EFC Höllviksstrand

As Foteviken Museum no longer can offer overnight stay in museum premises for long distance classes, we can in cooperation with the EFC Höllviksstrand recommend accommodation in their premises.
EFC Höllviksstrand is 2.7 km from Foteviken Museum, it is a walk of about 30 minutes along Höllvikens promenade.

In EFC Höllviksstrand's main building you can rent single, double, 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bed rooms where bunk beds are the most common. Common to these is that the shower and toilet are shared and that you yourself bring bed linen and towels or you can choose to rent them. Ability to cook your own food is available in communal kitchens.

When booking a room you state that you are participating in a school program at the Museum of Foteviken.

EFS Höllviksstrand, Höllviksstrandsvägen 2, 236 38 Höllviken, Sweden 
Tel. +4640-45 12 02


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