The Ghost Walk

2014-10-23 at: 10.30 
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The ghosts comes back!
to Foteviken Museum
30th of oktober at 6 to 8PM

The Ghost Walk at Foteviken Museum has been a success since the museum first arranged it three years ago. We know that mythological beings have been drawn to our Viking Town and restless spirits will yet again haunt us this horrible evening. Do you dare come to visit?

Gathering place is at the museum entrance where you will be divided into the group which is written on your ticket. Then you will be sent out with a accompanying person that safely will take you through the town and surrounding area. If you not quite trust the accompanying person you can buy protective amulets in the store, just in case.

Book your place by sending an email with subject "Registration for the ghost walk" to

Enter the numbers of adults and the numbers of children who want to participate.

You will get a ticket in return by email, print the ticket or display it in your mobile phone when you chek-in. Without a ticket you have to wait in the standby line for a possible place.

On your ticket is the notification number, number of participants, which group you belong to and the time of departure. The groups departs at 10 minute intervals.

We recommend that you come about 15-20 minutes before check-in, are you not checked 2 minutes before departure of your group someone else will take your place and you will be placed in the standby line.

NOTE Number of participants is limited, so first come first served ...

Participation costs 50 SEK for adults and 30 SEK for children.
Payment is due at check-in, cash only, preferably even money.
NOTE Not suitable for children under 6 years old, or extra sensitive persons, it can get very creepy!
Dress warmly and take on the rough rugged footwear.

We welcome you to this year's ghost walk on Fotevikens Museum.