SVEG & the village community


The SVEG association is the museum association, supporting The Museum of Foteviken. This association was founded in 1987 as a society entirely devoted to maritime archaeological research concerning The Peninsula of Falsterbo. When the foundation "The Maritime Centre of Foteviken" was established in 1993, The SVEG was one of the co-founders. The other founders were The City of Vellinge and The Museum Association of The Peninsula of Falsterbo.

In the early 1990-ies The SVEG began to work with re-enactment and other subjects as well. The conception of this re-enactment is "A living History". Different groups within The SVEG were started, working with Viking ships and sailing, music, archery, fighting and Viking Age handicraft.

The Maritime Centre of Foteviken founded the Museum of Foteviken in 1995 and The Viking Reserve was also established. The SVEG started to change a little. The activities focused on developing the special interests and talents of the members concerning Viking Age and early medieval handicrafts, occupations, culture and way of life.

You can learn more about SVEG on its web site.


The village community of Foteviken

In 2001 the development of The Viking Reserve had proceeded far enough for the establishment of a village community. In November 2001 The Village Community of Foteviken called "Byalaget" was founded. As a member of The SVEG you have the right to apply for membership in the village community. The village community congregates every month. At these meetings everybody participating are dressed in their Viking costumes of course.

As a new member of the village community, you will belong to a Viking Age household and get the possibility to learn and develop your talents and skills concerning different Viking Age techniques and activities, which you find interesting and fascinating. There are many interesting activities to participate in, like fighting, sailing a Viking ship, pottery, coining, smithery, sawing, tanning and building houses.

Read more at the Village community website.