Autumn Market

Autumn Market

September 10 - 11

For over 25 years we have arranged our Viking Market, full of activities across 3 days. The summer is full of life and movement in our Viking Age town. Acitivities geared toward families have been highlight during recent years. We have also collaboraged with Medborgarskolan to arrange courses, teaching old Viking crafts to visitors and Viking re-enactors alike.

Over the past few years we have arranged a ”Harvest Feast” during the autumn. This years our focus will instead be on older crafts, primarily Viking Age, to celebrate the skill and knowledge among our craftsmen and Viking friends, and offer an opportunity to learn crafts and methods.

Thus we invite you, who work with home made historic reproductions and interpretations of Viking Age objects. We welcome you to show your skill and products. You may also sell your home made products by your Viking tent to museum visitors and fellow Vikings alike.


Depending on interest, workshops may be held during the weekend on the following topics:

  • amber smithing
  • working with bone and horn
  • Ironworking and smithing
  • casting and moulding
  • ceramics and burning
  • Cooking (butter, cheese, bread, stews, stowage etc)
  • mead production
  • willow braiding
  • straw art
  • tanning
  • leather working
  • textiles (spinning, felting, carding, braiding, weaving, dying)
  • wood working
  • carving
  • storytelling
  • weapons art
  • games
  • production and use of bows and arrows

If you practice a different craft that you wish to teach, please contact us at


If you are able to demonstrate and teach your craft you may also be contracted to lead workshops over the weekend. Workshops will be scheduled for a morning session and an afternoon session throughout the weekend. You will of course receive monetary compensation from the museum for the time spent leading the workshop.


If you have a Viking tent you may place it within the Viking town.

If you have a modern tent you may place it in the pasture by the museum parking lot.

If you wish to live in one of the historic buildings in the Viking town, contact us in advance to book a place. Please note that room the houses is limited.

If you want a bed in our Volunteer house, contact us in advance to book a bed. Please note that the number of beds available is limited.